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Special Investment Fund under
Luxembourg Law of February 2007

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The Equi Future Champions Fund is a unique opportunity to combine the passion of sports horses from discerning individuals, with participation in a bespoke investment vehicle to build a portfolio of the next generation of equestrian champions.  As such, this is a combination of equestrian fascination and saavy investment.The Fund has partnered with, and enjoys the skills of the finest European trainers and managers to acquire, train and develop young horses with potential to excel in the disciplines of Dressage and Jumping. In keeping with the care and professional maintainance of the animals, strict guidelines and covenants are in place to protect the horses, to ensure optimum standards of their welfare. This aligns the interests of the investors who will enjoy the pleasure of seeing and sharing the development of the horses with strict risk management techniques that the manager deploys throughout the process to protect both the horses and the investors.  In addition, a high renowned asset manager in Luxembourg has been secured to oversee the financial management of the Fund. The Fund is registered with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the Financial regulator in Luxembourg.

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